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We appreciate your business! For updated lead times, call us at 208-369-2584 or email us:
We appreciate your business! For updated lead times, call us at 208-369-2584.

Taco Vinyl Offroad Services

On top of offering high quality accessories for your vehicle we also offer in-store services to take your vehicle to the next level!


Every Toyota owner wishes that their truck had a bit more power to it. Well, tunes for your Toyota are HERE! The main benefits of tuning are increased throttle response, smoother shifting that eliminates gear hunting, improved horsepower and torque and the likelihood of increased MPGs. Rigs that can accept tunes as of right now are:

- 2005-15 Tacoma

- 2016-2023 Tacoma

- 2010+ 4Runner

- 2007-21 Tundra

- 2007-15 Land Cruiser

- *Limited FJ Cruiser

If you have questions about tunes in the Boise, ID area, call 208-697-4555


Grille and Grille Lighting Installation 

Installations of grilles and lighting includes a complete replacement of old or OEM grille. Lighting is wired based upon customer preference. 

* Grille and lighting is not included in installation pricing

General Pricing

Grille Install for 4Runner and Tacoma: $100

w/ Grille Lights: $25

Grille install for Tundra and Rav4: $150

w/ Grille Lights: $25

Grille Lights Alone: $50


Front/Rear Bumpers and Front/Rear Suspension Installation

Installation services follow our shop rate on top of purchasing product as well. We're happy to install previously purchased items as well. We are dealers for quite a few companies so we're happy to offer build ideas and advice. We can provide just about anything you're needing.  

Shop Rate: $105 hourly (calculated based upon amount of time spent on vehicle) Most lift kits will run $500-2000 dollars to install depending on complexity of the lift. We do the job right the first time.

Please call or email in to receive your FREE in person estimate. or 208-697-4555


Lighting Setups and Switch Modules

Aftermarket lighting is a very popular industry. Not many of us are electrical savy though so we're here to help. We off full lighting setups as well as installation of switch modules for a smooth lighting experience. 

Shop Rate: $125 hourly if we use our wire. If wire is already provided them the rate drops to $105 (calculated based upon amount of time spent on vehicle)

Please call or email in to receive your FREE in person estimate.


High Clearance Cut/ Viper Cut

If you have big meaty tires and you're sick of the rubbing, we're happy to take care of that with our high clearance cut and/or cab mount chop. Both of these services eliminate excess material that your tires are rubbing on without compromising the integrity of the vehicle. 

General Pricing

High Clearance Cut w/ Trim cover: $150

Cab Mount Chop: $350


We offer in-house regearing. We use Yukon and Nitro gears and rebuild kits. Regearing to 4.88s or 5.29s couldn't be easier! most regears take 1-2 days and cost anywhere from $2000-4000. On average most customers are paying right around $3000 for a full regear. That's parts and labor.

Other Services we offer

- ECGS Bushing for replacement

- Cab Mount Relocations

- Bumper install and fabrication services

- General accessory installation services

- If its going on a Toyota changes are we do it. If you are unsure, shoot us a call!


*We reserve the right to adjust the listed prices above, including shop rate, in order to accommodate inflation and/or demand of work. Note that all pricing will be discussed with customer prior to start of job. If anything changes, customer will be contacted directly by shop Owner or Manager.  

Phone: (208) 697-4555