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F2 LED Bulbs

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Having built a lot of headlights and getting asked, what’s the best LED for my Tacoma/4runner? Well, these are it! 36w pumping out 6000 lumens of goodness. We’ve tested over 20 pairs of LEDs and these ones that out perform it’s competition for several reasons:

1. Crisp cutoff line. Great light and dark contrast. 

2. Focused hotspot for better brightness further up the road. 

3. Great projection into the distance and width which helps on turns. 

4. Easy plug-n-play install. No additional tools needed. No removing the headlight because the fan is too big.

5. 1 year warranty

6. Come in a pair. One for the driver and passenger headlight.

Fantastic investment against fighting the night! These lights will fit inside the housing of the 4Runners as well.

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