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2016-23 Tacoma Pro Grille V2

Original price $299.99 - Original price $449.99
Original price
$299.99 - $449.99
Current price $339.99

One of the best looking grilles on the market just got better. Probably the first mod that most people do to their trucks because it's so easy to install and changes the complete look of the truck.


  • Our 2018-2022 Pro grilles will come with the garnish to protect the TSS sensor
  • All grilles will come with the appropriate TOYOTA centerpiece for the grille.
  • This version of the pro grille will come painted on the flat parts like the picture below. YOU WILL NEED TO ADD THR COLOR YOUD LIKE INTO YHR SPECIAL NOTES OR EMAIL US AT SUPPORT@TACOVINYL.COM WITH THE COLOR YOU'D LIKE IT PAINTED!!!
  • For 2020-22 Tacoma's that come with the front-facing camera, you will need to purchase our front-facing camera bracket that only works with our pro grilles. Here is the link
  • The grille is made of quality ABS matte black plastic.
  • Raptor lights are an option when purchasing as well. We have all the colors you can think of. Here's the link.
  • We also offer color inserts for the letters for the pro grille that you can find here


To check out our YouTube Chanel, click HERE.

Lead Time:

Please allow for a 2-4 week lead time. You will receive a shipping confirmation email and tracking number upon shipment.

If you have questions about the grille, email us at

Cancellation post-purchase will result in a 10% cancellation fee. All sales are final for painted/custom items 24 hours post-purchase.