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2007+ 4Runner Panhard Correction Kit

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If you plan on lifting your 4th or 5th gen 4Runner, this panhard correction kit is a must. When you lift the rear end of your 4Runner the panhard’s angle due to the lift shifts the whole rear axle to the passenger side. By installing this kit, it allows the panhard to sit perpendicular to the ground allowing the axles to remained centered underneath the vehicle. In doing this, the tension of the lift is released and any undue wear and tear is avoided.

These kits are made from thick steel and precisely bend for the best fit possible making the installation part of the welding much easier.

These kits REQUIRE you or a shop to weld them in. Finding a properly qualified shop todo so is important. If you’re in Boise, ID or near us, we are more than happy to get you in for an install. If you have any questions about these kits or want to be scheduled in for an install, shoot us an call at 208-697-4555 or email us at