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We appreciate your business! For updated lead times, call us at 208-697-4555 or email us:
We appreciate your business! For updated lead times, call us at 208-697-4555

OGS 2016+ Tacoma HC Rear Bumper

Original price $1,285.00 - Original price $1,385.00
Original price
$1,285.00 - $1,385.00
Current price $1,385.00

Welcome Outgear Solutions to our adventure armor lineup. This is their high clearance rear bumper for the 2016+ Tacoma. This is our favorite rear bumper because of the clearance, weight, and strength. Here are the details.

*** 2016+ High Clearance Rear Tube Bumper Requires Bedsides to be Cut***

Bumper will have - 2" Hitch receiver (Not Rated for Towing), Slotted Tabs for light pods (Baja S2 will fit best or diode dynamic ss2 pods), bed reinforcement tabs, and associated grade 8 hardware. 

Also included are 2 Body Filler Panels that goes underneath the Tail light. These are great fillers that complete the look

The Bumper main plates are .375" Thick where it mounts and then becomes .750" thick to the outside of the round tubes to mount recovery or d rings.

The Round Tubes are all 1.75" DOM .120" thick

The Main Hitch receiver  is  2" ID and .1875" Thick, ties into the main frame plates to make everything structurally sound.

There are two options for build design. There is a FLAT option that makes the bumper parallel to the ground. This is a more traditional style. The second option is a TILTED design where the bumper tilts down toward the wheel by 12 degrees. This is a great Baja look but is used like any other application for camping as well. There is no substantial benefit from one to the other. Both are strong and built very well.

We can also powder coated them locally for $300 bucks additional. We will not ship them powder coated due to damage during shipment that can occur. If not powder coated, the bumper will be bare metal.

Please email to inquire about shipping as shipping is extra. If you are shipping to your house, expect around $200-350 in shipping. If you are shipping to our shop, shipping cost $100 bucks flat. If you have questions, shoot us a call at (208)697-4555. The difference in shipping  from checkout we will billed separately after purchase via emailed invoice.

Lead Times are about 7-8 weeks at the moment, depending on the current situation of the Pandemic. Sometimes we have them in stock here at the Taco Vinyl in Boise, ID. Once again, call for inquires.

All order after 24hrs are subject to a 10% cancelation fee.