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We appreciate your business! For updated lead times, call us at 208-697-4555
How The Right Grille Will Transform Your Truck

How The Right Grille Will Transform Your Truck

When you’re looking for items to give your truck a facelift and personalize it to make it fit your style and personality better, you may be wondering about grilles and just how big of an impact they actually make on your truck. At Taco Vinyl, our selection of grilles, parts, accessories, and decals are designed with big impact in mind! With a high-quality selection of items designed to make your truck stand out, you’ll find that your grille will transform your truck into a vehicle that catches eyes and impresses. Here are four ways the right grille from Taco Vinyl will transform your Toyota truck.

Stand Out Appearance 

One of the first things people notice about a truck when facing it on the road is the grille, so getting a top-quality truck grille that’s designed to stand out will make a great first impression! At Taco Vinyl, our selection of Toyota truck grilles are each designed with style and function in mind, so you’ll know that yours will create a stand out appearance.


Variety Of Colors

Toyota trucks aren’t all the same colors, so why should our grilles be all one color, too? Taco Vinyl truck grilles are made to come in all kinds of colors, and on certain items, you can even get customized colors painted right on your grille! When you’re purchasing your grille, simply place your order and then email our customer service team to follow up and provide the color of paint you’d like on your grille, and we’ll take care of it!

Variety Of Accessories 

Whether you like lettering, symbols, or lights on your Toyota truck grille, our team has you covered with grille accessories that will create a truly unique appearance for your truck! We have a wide selection of mix-and-match grilles and accessories, so you can add whatever suits your style and your needs most. 



Opens A New World To Additional Accessories

When you get a Taco Vinyl grille for your Toyota truck, you’ll find that you’ll have a wide selection of additional accessories to choose from to add to your truck! From decals to lights, to parts, and so much more, our team has what you’re looking for. 

Shop for a new Toyota truck grille at Taco Vinyl today! 

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