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We appreciate your business! For updated lead times, call us at 208-697-4555
How To Install Your Tacoma Grille Flawlessly

How To Install Your Tacoma Grille Flawlessly

When you’re looking for items to personalize your Toyota Tacoma truck, one popular item many truck owners choose to install is a new grille! At Taco Vinyl, our goal is to provide top-quality grilles, parts, accessories, and decals to customize Toyota trucks for drivers like you. With a wide selection of Tacoma parts and grilles, however, you may be wondering how to install your new items to complete your truck’s personalization. Here is our quick guide on how to install your Tacoma grille flawlessly!

Finding Your New Grille

First and foremost, you need to find the right grille for your truck. At Taco Vinyl, we have a large selection of truck grilles designed to fit on a wide range of Tacomas from different years, so be sure to find the one that fits your vehicle’s specifications. In addition to different years, there are also different styles, so you can browse for the one that will look the best on your truck!

Preparing The New Grille For Install With Any Accessories 

Once you’ve placed your order for your new grille and it’s arrived, you can get started with preparing the grille itself for installation! Double check that you have all the tools and parts you need, and be sure to set aside enough time to complete the installation without rushing, too. If you’re unsure, you can always check out our YouTube channel for in-depth installation instructions. 

Removing The Old Grilles 

If your Tacoma is currently sporting the original grille or a different after-market grille, double check the owner’s manual or the instructions that came with your previously installed grille to be sure you know how to remove the old grille. Once you’ve successfully removed the old grille, be sure to set aside all parts of the old grille so it’s out of your way while you install the new one!

Installing The New Grille

Once you’ve got your vehicle prepped and ready for your new grille’s installation, you can get started! When your new grille arrives, you should have more details and information about the specific item, and we also have step-by-step instructions and guides for installing grilles, accessories, and so much more on our YouTube channel!

Get started with adding the perfect, new grille to your Tacoma by shopping our selection online today!

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